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Fragrance Bottle Painting | Nordstrom | Atlanta, GA

Although I currently offer my calligraphy skills professionally, I grew up painting. I started taking watercolor classes at 7 years old and grew up to take Renaissance Oil Painting classes at the New York School of the Arts. So, when I had the opportunity to flex my painting skills on gorgeous fragrance bottles at Nordstrom I was ecstatic! Take a look at some of my favorite pieces below. I hope they inspire you to add some magic to your next perfume purchase.

bottle painting examples for nodstrom fragrance painting

Above you'll see the illustrations I designed for customers to choose from. I offered custom works, but often when asked "What do you want?" with no guidance your mind goes blank! Giving visual options helps the process go smoothly and allows the client to align their expectations of the final product.

The "J'adore Parfum D'eau" with a lily was the most popular request of the day.

chanel chance perfume hand painted with lily flowers

chanel chance perfume hand painted with lily flowers

This Chance Chanel is one of my favorite bottles to paint! I love the way the floating petals look.

This Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly was so fun to decorate with either a beautiful floral border or a simple butterfly.

Like what you see?

You can order a custom-painted fragrance bottle of your own or you can hire me to paint bottles or other products live at your store! Simply click the button below to send me a message.

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