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Since I was a little girl I always had a deep love and fascination with letters. I loved how you could draw the letter "A" in a thousand different ways and still recognize the letter, the meaning.

I had never planned on becoming a professional calligrapher; I was studying acting at Pace University when I first started drawing chalkboard menus at a cafe I was waitressing at. I began with drawing the seasonal specials at the location I worked, and as my work was noticed by more and more managers across New York I expanded my hobby into a side hustle, and in 2013 officially started my business as a chalkboard lettering artist.

It wasn't long before I expanded from doing chalkboard menus for one company to offering my services to other bakeries, cafes, and restaurants across Manhattan. Before I turned 25 I had the honor of working with reputable brands like Magnolia Bakery, New York Sports Clubs, The Independent, and Bright Horizons.

In 2022, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I expanded my offerings including private lessons, semi-custom products, engraving, and live event work. I now work with luxury brands and an array of incredible clients across the metro Atlanta area creating one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients and partners.

My Story

Intentional, artful lettering and design have the power to inspire, motivate, direct, and influence viewers.

I believe that anyone can learn the art of calligraphy and honing a creative practice can improve your mental health and your spiritual connection.

My Philisophy

Lettering by Arielle Basha was founded in 2013 out of a love for lettering, but it has become so much more. Working with large brands like Le Pain Quotidien taught me about the importance of communication, focus, and intentional design.


At first, investing in a simple chalkboard menu can seem like a low priority item, but after nearly a decade of working closely with business owners, I have seen the difference that clear design and flawless execution can make.


Showcasing clear, branded signage has the ability to increase your conversion rates, revenue, and foot traffic. Offering on-site calligraphy services creates buzz around your brand and allows your customers to take home a one-of-a-kind custom piece that they will talk about with their network for years to come.

In addition to serving companies and businesses over the years, I also find great joy and satisfaction in creating custom fine art and calligraphy pieces for clients all over the country.

Calligraphy is the art of lettering and something as simple as a handmade card can carry so much weight. Every one of my stationery products is lettered to order by hand. I create every piece with great care and intention, so the receiver can feel the love and attention that I gave to every single stroke.

I love to help you make your vision come to life; one of the gifts that I was given in this life is the ability to form intangible thought into a physical product. My mission is to assist you in bringing your dreams to life for you and your loved ones. Words are powerful and when combined with artwork, you have a true masterpiece: an honest reflection of your love and devotion.

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My Mission

Intentional, Elevated Lettering Work to Connect & Communicate

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