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Arielle Basha x Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Winter House 2023

Learn to letter your own holiday cards this year. Make your loved ones smile with a handmade card and learn a skill that will help you add a personal touch to your gifts for years to come!

In this class, you'll learn how to use a pen and nib to create letters in modern styles with guides, worksheets, and instruction. At the end of the class, you’ll have the opportunity to use your new skills to create your own holiday card!


Callanwolde Mansion


Friday, Dec 1 & 8

7:00 - 9:00 PM


In this self-guided online course, I’ll walk you through how to write in modern calligraphy with a dip pen and nib so you can create your own place cards, envelopes, or personal art pieces. Through a series of videos, educational materials, and many, many worksheets, I’ll help you build the foundation of your calligraphy practice so you can create with confidence.

In additional to the video instruction, you’ll gain access to my new membership site where you can ask questions, request feedback, and connect with fellow calligraphers from around the world.

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About Your Teacher

Arielle Basha: calligrapher & educator

Arielle has been working as a professional calligrapher for over a decade, and has a background in training & development, making her the perfect instructor for your calligraphy class! Within minutes of meeting her, you'll understand why she's known as the "ultimate hype girl".

 She now offers a range of classes from beginner project workshops to in-depth intermediate courses. Arielle's expertise is in modern lettering and layout & design.

atlanta calligrapher, arielle basha, looking down at her work smiling

intermediate calligraphy class, all styles welcome

Letter your very own calligraphy art piece to hang in your home or gift to a loved one. In this one-day 4-hour workshop you will learn how to layout and execute a short passage with decorative elements.

This is an intermediate calligraphy course where each student will be walked through the process of creating a final piece. We will all be executing the same design, but each student may use whichever calligraphy style they know. You'll learn 2 border designs, a few illustrative elements, and ultimately how to piece everything together into beautiful artwork.


12:00 - 4:00 PM

$149 $50

special offer for Callanwolde Fine Arts Center!


Learn the


fall in love with lettering

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