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Chalkboard Artist

My name is Arielle and for over five years I have professionally installed chalkboard menus for restaurants, bars and retail stores across New York City.

Now I'm in Nashville and I'm on a mission to help transform your chalkboards from




Have you spent hours thinking of the perfect funny saying for your A Frame and writing it out carefully on your A Frame only to come in the next day and see that it's been smudged by the rain? Or do you have a Pinterest board full of ideas for what you would LOVE your chalkboard to look like only to be disappointed every time your writing comes out crooked and wobbly?

Communicating what you sell and for how much is a necessary part of your business.


I don't just write words neatly on a chalkboard - I design with your goals in mind.

I design menus around what your customer needs to know, and what you want to sell.

With a wave of "Instagram famous" desserts, drinks and beauty products we all know how important the presentation of your brand can be. Over and over again walking along the streets of the city you see A Frames that haven't been given the time or love that the rest of the business has been given. 

YOU don't have to be one of those brands.

Take the time to invest in your business.

Your ideal clients will notice.

And your business will grow.

I've worked with reputable brands like

Options on Options...

Whether your style is






I'm your gal.

Unlike many designers, I don't stick to one style.

I've never been one for staying the same.

Whether that means the fonts I use or my hair color, I'm constantly switching it up.

I'm adaptable and flexible - able to assist a range of clients in different fields.

I am a classically trained fine artist, focusing on realism for the majority of my practice. I use my skills and techniques to be able to adapt my inherent taste to the style of my client.

Need something sassy and clever?


Rather have a welcoming and calming board?

Of course, pastels are a welcome palette.

Gotta be fierce?!

You're talking to a double fire sign here.

Fierce is my middle name.

When you hire me you channel your inner Ariana.

Click that button while singing to the heavens



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