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Portfolio: Chalkboard Menu Designs for SmoQ'N Hot Grill | Atlanta, Georgia

custom chalkboard menu design for restaurant

I had the honor of designing and implementing these chalkboard menu designs for a new restaurant called SmoQ'N Hot Grill in Atlanta, GA. This sandwich shop is inspired by the classic deli offerings in New York and the flavor of Atlanta.

For their chalkboards they were looking for a sign to increase brand awareness and a menu listing their food and soft beverage offerings. The look features their brand colors and typefaces as well as some custom peach and apple icons.

custom chalkboard menu design smoq'n hot grill atlanta georgia

chalkboard menu design atlanta georgia

chalkboard menu board restaurant chalk art

restaurant chalkboard ideas bar menu design

menu board design restaurant chalkboard walls

menu board design restaurant chalkboard walls atlanta georgia

chalkboard restaurant signs menu boards

chalkboard restaurant signs menu design atlanta georgia

Looking to upgrade the chalkboard menus in your restaurant, bar or cafe?

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