This piece is inspired by the current journey the world is on through the CoVid19 pandemic.


At first when I sat down to paint I began to think of waves. Not the ones that tickle your toes or kiss your ankles. The waves that tower over you and CRASH.


I leaned into the simple color palette - 2 shades of blue and white - and used swift, harsh brushstrokes letting all the frustration go. The tense, worried unanswered questions were released and calm, smooth energy took over.


I went through a journey with this piece. I watched as the waves crashed around me, my anxieties choking me as if I was drowning beneath them... and throughout the process I surrendered. I let light and love and hope take over. I transitioned to broad, long, slow brush strokes.


Now, when I step back and look at this piece I am reminded of the depth within all of us. How we hold the capacity for darkness and for light. That we have the potential to swim across channels or to drown in the shallow end. Wherever you are, you are looking. We are seeking together. It's a journey. Release and let the waves take you where you need to go.


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