Balcony Study

Balcony Study

Often when sitting out on my balcony I look up at the tree that branches into the space. Its leaves dance over my head creating shadows over my skin, tickling the hairs on my arms. One day while staring at the sky I notice bits of purple swirling through the clouds... I grabbed my supplies and started mixing colors on the canvas.


This piece flowed from my curious eyes to my fingertips as I places colors on the canvas without knowing their pure destination. This was not simply a study of my physical surroundings, but a pure experiment of energy... I waited to see which branches would overlap the others, discovering which leaves would brighten atop the neighboring ones.


It's a simple, yet challenging task to let life unfold as it is meant to. It is a blessing and a magical message that unravels as you listen to the silence. I painted this scene with the music of the birds singing overhead, the whistle of the wind passing through the chorus of green above me...


I hope as this piece hangs in your home you can feel the energy of nature around you. This little window to that beautiful late summer evening, with Mother Earth holding you and reminding you that you are safe just as you are, exactly where you are.


    Material: Acrylic on Canvas

    Size: 11" X 14"


    Hang this small accent piece where you need to feel more grounding energy. Let the leaves of the tree dance around you and remind you how truly safe and nurtured you are <3




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