Arielle Basha

Artist | Entrepreneur | Teacher

From a young age Arielle has been fascinated with lettering. She became obsessed with how a message can be altered with something as little as a thicker line on a downstroke, or minimized spacing between the letters.

She liked to write poetry, filling notebooks from cover to cover, with words written like swirls. Different fonts piling on top of each other like waves crashing onto the beach.

These early works of lettering pieces unknowingly became the building blocks of Arielle's art career.

Her first experience in lettering began in 2013 when she was attending Pace University in NYC and waiting tables at a cafe in midtown Manhattan. As she gained experience creating menus for restaurants and bars, Arielle also branched out to other industries. While living in New York City (2012-19) she worked with the reputable brands New York Sports Clubs, Magnolia Bakery, Bright Horizons and more.

In Arielle's personal work she continues to find inspiration from the Universe, the cosmos and the shared human experience.

Many of her pieces resemble skies or the sea, often blurring the lines between the two. In her abstract pieces she is driven by color and brush strokes, using her intuition to guide her throughout the process which can last anywhere from 1 hour to several days.

An extrovert by nature, Arielle never imagined she would find herself as a full-time visual artist. Her bubbly personality certainly shines through in all her pieces which often use a bright, pastel palette, and careful blending techniques.

Arielle's mission is to create work that inspires others to connect within. To share stories that evoke an impulse to reflect and align.

Arielle believes her purpose is to create a pathway for others to find themselves. She hopes to serve as a light shining towards truth. She aims to spread togetherness and belonging, and to inspire you to dream and create the life you deserve.

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