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Calligraphy Engraving Services

Make a luxurious statement with custom calligraphy engraving on perfume bottles, spirit or wine bottles, candles, and more. Elevate your fragrance collection with hand-lettered monograms, special messages, or names. We create unique and personalized designs that reflect your style and vision. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, or just to treat yourself, custom calligraphy engraving is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and elegance.

custom calligraphy engraving on cologne bottle nordstrom atlanta


custom calligraphy engraving with first name and sparkles, marc jacobs perfume bottle



custom calligraphy engraving atlanta for spirits and liquor bottles

Hire an engraving artist for your next brand activation event! Your guests will be raving about their personalized gift.

Send us your perfume of choice and we'll customize your bottle with a message of your choosing.

Show off your product at a convention or send your best clients a personalized bottle to thank them!

Want Some Inspiration?

You know you want to add that special touch to your gift, but you're not sure what to have engraved... check out some examples of hand-engraved pieces below!

Custom Engraving Pricing

Glass Items

Glassware (wine glass, flute, rocks glass, etc)

$20 for one word, $10 a word after

$25 for floral design

Bottles and Vases

$65 for up to 5 words, $10 a word after

$50 for floral design

Metal Items

Cocktail Shaker

$20 for one word, $10 a word after

$25 for floral design

Jiggers and Small Items

$25 for up to 2 words


$20 for one word, $10 a word after

$25 for floral design

If you're interested in placing an order for custom engraving on an item you do not see in my product shop, please use the pricing list below. I am happy to help you source an item you'd like engraved or you can ship me the product you want to have customized.

Live Event Engraving


Send your inquiry using the form below and fill in all the required information.

Confirm your booking by signing the proposal and sending over payment.

Upon arrival, Arielle will set up the table provided with all supplies needed.

After the event, Arielle will send over a recap of the event with notable photos.






Live Engraving on glass or metal,

up to 4 hours, $800      |      up to 8 hours, $1400

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