Chalkboard Artist ~ Painter ~ Designer

For as long as I can remember I have been a creator.

I've never stuck to one medium, and I constantly explore different ways to express myself.

When people ask me what I do I always reply

"I'm an artist"

There is no other word that describes better what I do and who I am.

However, "artist" is a pretty broad term.

So here I will attempt to explain EXACTLY what I do...

Let's get down to details.


Story Time...

Seven years ago I moved to New York City.

I went to school at Pace University for acting while working full-time as a waitress.

It is the *classic* hopelessly romanticized Broadway Dreams story.


until I dropped out of school after multiple changes in my major, FAFSA dropping all my financial aid, and the most heart-wrenching series of panic attacks I've ever experienced.

So, here I am a year and a half into living in the Big Apple, working full-time in restaurants and not doing much else but painting at home and going out with coworkers.

One beautiful sunny morning on 33rd and Park, my boss asked if anyone would be interested in writing the specials on the chalkboard, since the woman who used to come in left the company. I shot my hand up and exclaimed LOUDLY "I'LL DO IT!"

In addition to getting to actually do something productive with my creative skills,

I also got free lunch... SCORE!

About a month later the district manager came to check in on our store and complimented how neat our chalkboard menus looked. He loved my work so much he insisted the next time the menus were to be changed I would get to draw them on EVERY ONE OF HIS STORES! Word continued to spread throughout the company and I went from drawing at one store for free lunch to becoming the Regional Chalkboard Artist for over 20 stores throughout Manhattan and making more money in one week than I did in 3 weeks waiting tables.

I started stopping into cafes and bars that had sloppy menus and offering my services...

Since 2013 I have worked with reputable brands like
Black Tap, New York Sports Clubs, Magnolia Bakery, & more!

I am in a unique position in the market.

Not only do I have 6 years of implementing high-quality, professional menu designs in establishments all over New York...

I also have nearly 10 years of experience working in hospitality.

I know the paint points.

I know what your customer needs.

I've been serving them for an entire decade!

Interested in seeing what a clean menu design and stunning special boards can do for your business?!


What kind of painter are you?

Probably the most frequently asked question I get when I tell people I'm a painter.

And it's a valid question!

So here's what I can tell you..

I am an expressive artist.

I have painting since I could hold a brush.

I create from my gut.


I don't create the same specific scenes,

I don't focus on a single subject in all my works.

I adore painting portraits.

I get giddy blending the colors of the sky on a canvas.

I find peace whilst watering the pigments in the waves of the beach.

I'm classically trained in using

acrylic, watercolor and oil...

I don't have a favorite medium.

I use what calls to me depending on the piece I want to create.

My latest collection is all about letting go...

My practice was feeling stiff for a while.

I began to feel stuck no matter how well I planned out the process...

So I didn't plan.

I bought 30 canvases, chose a couple different colors to work with, and let it flow.

I connected with the universe and my spirituality in a way that I never could have imagined...


here are some of the end results.

And here are a couple of links if you like what you see:


If there's a painting or project you want, but you don't see anything like it here - shoot me a message!

I'm flexible, resourceful, and creative... but unless you ask for it, I can't help!

Call Me, Beep Me

© 2020 by Arielle Basha

516 - 316 - 7421

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